Shipping & Delivery


Shipping & Delivery


All orders ship from Helsinki, Finland.

Shipping cost is different to each country and depends on the type of products you are ordering and the amount of products your order has. 

Shipping is automatically calculated at checkout. All orders over 60€ are eligible for free shipping with the discount code FREESHIPPING. 


Standard shipping prices (final price is always shown at checkout, prices below are subject to change)

 Finland: 2,50€ - 10€ depending of order weight and size. We charge you the cheapest amount based on your order details. 

Rest of world: for smaller orders 3-10€ depending of order weight. Large orders 18-46€ depending of order weight. We charge you the cheapest amount based on your order details. 

Local delivery: For orders qualifying for local delivery (near 00900 Helsinki), delivery price is 5€. You can always choose shipping instead. 

Pickup: Pickup from Vanhanlinnantie 3 is free. Please refer to pickup instructions received on order confirmation. You will be notified when your item is ready for pickup.


Delivery times vary on destination location and shipment type.

For orders delivered to Finland, shipping time is around 1-5 business days. 

Delivery in Europe is around 3-16 business days. 

Delivery for other countries varies on destination location. For orders arriving in bigger cities, delivery times are around 10-16 business days. For rural areas, delivery can be up to 30 business days! Please contact us if it has been longer than 30 business days and your package has not arrived.