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KRISTIINA | Silver Dangle Earrings

KRISTIINA | Silver Dangle Earrings

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Handcrafted, delicate earrings to inspire your romantic side. These earrings are influenced by the beauty and tranquility of Finnish summer. Comprising jewelry-grade hardware, a pearl, and a natural stone shard selected by you. 💛

KRISTIINA collection

Stylish & dainty. 💝 Perfect for picnics, special occasions, & everyday wear. 🎁 Ideal summer gift. 🧡 Endless options! 🤩

100% handmade
made in Finland

NOTE: size and color of the stone may vary due to natural differences of the stone cuts!


Rose quartz:
Stone of unconditional love. Believed to bring love, joy and emotional healing.

February birthstone, Pisces birthstone, Wednesday birthstone.  Connected to the third eye and chakras. Symbol of peace, cleansing and calming energy.

A gem for prosperity and confidence. Heart chakra stone. Talisman of good fortune and soothes the soul.

Rutilated quartz:
Heals emotional wounds. Powerful cleansing and purifying effects.


- Kristiina, noun -
a Finnish name, derives from the English name Christine.


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