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KRISTIINA | Crystal Ring

KRISTIINA | Crystal Ring

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Handmade ring featuring a natural stone of your choosing. Wrapped in gold or silver plated copper wire. Choose a touch of sparkle that stands out from the crowd. 💎 Add a unique piece that can take any look to the next level.

100% handmade
made in Finland

Stylish and timeless design makes this perfect for any outing. Whether it's for a wedding, a night out, or a special anniversary, this ring is the ideal accompaniment! A great gift for any season! 💍


This ring is one-size only, however its style allows it to be worn across multiple fingers in numerous placements. Its gold wire is supple, enabling slight adjustments to fit the finger but not enough to be classed as adjustable.

If you're interested in learning the precise measurements of the ring, I'm here to provide that information - just reach out. Please note that as each ring is made with different materials, their sizes may vary slightly.


Rose quartz:
Stone of unconditional love. Believed to bring love, joy and emotional healing.

February birthstone, Pisces birthstone, Wednesday birthstone.  Connected to the third eye and chakras. Symbol of peace, cleansing and calming energy.

A gem for prosperity and confidence. Heart chakra stone. Talisman of good fortune and soothes the soul.

Rutilated quartz:
Heals emotional wounds. Powerful cleansing and purifying effects.


- Kristiina, noun -
a Finnish name, derives from the English name Christine.


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